The Cloud Society is here!

Cloud Society

The cloud is here and it will definitely be around for the next century ! A new kind of IT Pro skills are needed in order to be successful with managing resources in this new environment. Hopefully Microsoft tries its best to provide FREE training ! Recently Microsoft launched a new site that will help you get trained , it is called the Cloud Society Program and you should enroll right now! Here is the official Microsoft statement on what it is about:


What is Microsoft Cloud Society Program all about?

Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Cloud Society Program to identify and engage with passionate and influential cloud computing focused experts from the industry.

Microsoft Cloud Society is a program designed to support you in becoming a world-class expert in the space of cloud computing. It deepens your Microsoft Azure knowledge and builds the next generation of systems and solutions in the Cloud.

Microsoft Cloud Society is designed for experts who are on the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology know-how, and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on future-oriented technologies.

Microsoft Cloud Society is your one-stop platform for all you need to become a Microsoft Azure Expert: free online trainings, certification learning paths, resources, events roadshow and more.

Enterprise Security and Mobility videos

Check out some of the Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite functionality on the following videos!

Enterprise Mobility + Security Full Training Video

Access all of your apps: Enterprise Mobility + Security

User self-services: Enterprise Mobility + Security

Information Protection: Enterprise Mobility + Security

Conditional Access: Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph: Enterprise Mobility + Security

Managed Mobile Productivity

Identity Driven Security

Comprehensive security solution: Enterprise Mobility + Security

Multi-factor authentication: Enterprise Mobility + Security

Identify and control cloud apps: Enterprise Mobility + Security


Nano Server DNS

Nano server is Microsofts new implementation of Windows Server for the cloud born datacenters. Nano has a very small footprint that allows for better security and management. One of the roles that are supported on Nano Server is the DNS server and it makes perfect sense to have a Nano DNS server hosting your public DNS records as it will be super lightweight and a born security champion. Here comes the tough part , you have to configure Nano by using PowerShell.  To add some extra difficulty your primary DNS server should be located in a DMZ with the smallest possible attack surface so the only thing allowed would be remote management. Since I have a lot of labs going on and build up and tear down is trivial to success here is the PowerShell commands to configure your Nano DNS server. This specific code is from an O365 lab where numerous resource records have to be created for O365 suite to work , so you will get a great example of configuring most of the types of records required in a DNS server. It is build for a new DNS Zone but you can easily customize it and simply add records to your zone. Here it is:


EMS Subscription on MSDN

Finally! A 12 month  Enterprise Mobility + Security subscription is available on MSDN Subscriptions.


Together with Azure credit you can now test all of the features available on the cloud platform. I have three MSDN subscriptions , one as a Certified Trainer, one as a Microsoft Partner (from the company I work for) and one as an Enterprise Mobility MVP. The EMS offering is available on MPN and NFR subscriptions but not in the MCT services. In any case super exciting news!


Enterprise Mobility Suite becomes Enterprise Mobility + Security

Αλλαγή ονόματος και διαθέσιμων υπηρεσιών για το πολύ γνωστό Enterprise Mobility Suite της Microsoft. Το νέο όνομα είναι Enterprise Mobility + Security και φέρνει μαζί του νέες δυνατότητες τις οποίες μπορείτε να δείτε παρακάτω.

  1. Enterprise Mobility Suite becomes Enterprise Mobility + Security
    a.    The existing Enterprise Mobility Suite becomes Enterprise Mobility + Security E3, with no change for existing EMS customers.
    b.    A new expanded plan will be generally available in Q4 2016 and known as Enterprise Mobility + Security E5.
  2. Azure Active Directory Premium
    a.    The existing Azure AD Premium becomes Azure AD Premium P1, with no change for existing customers.
    b.    Azure AD Premium P2, generally available later in Q3 2016, includes all the capabilities in Azure AD Premium P1 as well as the new Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management capabilities.
  3. Azure Rights Management + Secure Islands becomes Azure Information Protection
    a.    The existing Azure Rights Management Premium becomes Azure Information Protection Premium P1, generally available in Q4 2016, with no change for existing Azure RMS customers.
    b.    The P2 offer adds automatic classification, on top of the manual classification, labeling and everything else included in P1.

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